How to Cut a Band on the Double Fold


One of the most controversial topics we encounter as a pattern company is whether to include a cut chart for bands in our pattern files or actual pattern pieces. On one hand, an actual pattern piece requires more paper but on the other, we are a pattern company and asking our customers to measure out their own pattern pieces is not ideal.

A solution to strike a compromise and appease everyone is labeling band and rectangular pieces to be cut on the DOUBLE fold. What does this accomplish? The best of both worlds. It limits paper, yet doesn’t require you to do the work yourself.

Here’s how it works. Pay attention. This is different than how you may have learned to cut on a double fold in the case of a circle skirt in the past. Ultimately, cutting a band on the double fold means that the final result will be four times the width of your pattern piece.

First, you may want to consider cutting of your selvage edge if your fabric isn’t laying flat.

Now, fold your fabric in half in the direction of greatest stretch.

Grab your pattern piece and place the edge OPPOSITE the edge labeled double fold so it lines up with the underside of the first fold you just made.

Next, grab the pattern and two layers of fabric at the fold and create a second fold. Ultimately, you will have four layers of fabric under your pattern piece as shown in the second photo below.

Now, on the top end that has a single fold, you are going to cut only through the bottom TWO layers of fabric.

Cut the vertical sides.

Cut the top end of the band through only the bottom two layers of fabric, keeping your single fold intact.

Unfold band at the double fold line and it will look like this.

Final band will look like this.

Got it? Glad we could help!!


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