Photo by Genevieve Ouellet

This article is to supplement the Carlisle Sweater Tutorial with additional construction views that may be helpful for the side seam steps.

Start with your sweater inside out and the back of the sweater on top. In my hand, I’m holding the BACK side seam.

Next, fold the edge of your back side seam in half, wrong sides together as shown. Pin/clip it in place at the corner point of the side seam.

Make sure the edge is evenly folded down to the hem edge. Pin/clip as shown.

Now, re position your pin/clip so that it includes the edge of the side seam from the front piece. You will now have three layers of fabric pinned/clipped.

Alternate view.

Sew the side seam as shown. If you have a challenge getting crisp corners on your serger, you can alternatively use a regular sewing machine on this step for better control.

Alternative view with side seam bottom open. Back piece is still on top, front piece on bottom.

Complete with remaining tutorial instructions.


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