Mountainside Lakeside Back Hack

By now I hope both the Mountainside and Lakeside designs have become staples in your wardrobe! I recently saw a garment on Pinterest that was easily achieved through the Mountainside and Lakeside by a simple hack. So, here we go!

First, grab your back pattern piece. Since I’m doing the front tie version of the Mountainside in this hack and no side ties, I simply folded my pattern piece in half and will cut it on the fold.

Now, draw a horizontal line approx. 2 1/2 inches down from the center back neckline.

Cut along the line you just made to separate the pattern piece. Now you’ll need to add a 1/4 inch seam allowance along these lines on both pattern pieces.

Using some extra paper, add your seam allowance to the upper pattern piece.

Now, add the seam allowance to the lower pattern piece but while you’re doing it, double the width of the very top edge. Redraw the back arm curve back to meet the original pattern piece as shown.

Clip the edges of your the seam allowances you just added on both of your pattern pieces as shown below. Although this step isn’t critical, it will help to prevent a strange “corner” after the pieces are sewn together.

Now, it’s time to cut out your fabric with the new pattern pieces and sew the hack!

To complete the hack, using whichever gathering method you prefer, gather the lower top piece along the top edge that you previously lengthened and attach it to the upper top piece as shown.

Whela… your hack is complete! Now sew the rest of the design as the tutorial indicates. The length of your arm bands will not need to be adjusted. I promise your closet will soon be FULL of Mountainsides and Lakesides!


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